2023-2024 Federal Priorities

Every two years, AGC of America leaders develop a set of federal legislative and regulatory priorities that will promote and advance the construction industry. The association's top policies principles for 2023-2024 are:

  • Increase investment in and incentives for public and private construction to support jobs and economic growth
  • Improve the pipeline for a safe, trained and diverse construction workforce
  • Preserve the delicate balance in federal labor policy that permits employees to freely choose to engage in collective bargaining and that allows employers to maintain operations free of unwarranted disruptions
  • Advance policies that mitigate supply chain challenges and address cost increases and project delays
  • Ensure that tax and fiscal policies promote entrepreneurialism and long-term economic growth
  • Streamline the federal procurement process to save money, increase competition, and improve opportunities for small business
  • Support regulations, policies, guidance, and executive orders that are necessary, cost-effective, and practical

Below are more details on these principles as well as the association's complete list of federal priorities for 2023-2024. This document may be downloaded, if desired.