Construction Is Essential To Pandemic Response Efforts


Tell President Trump and Congress to treat the construction industry and the work it performs as vital and essential to the critical industries that must remain in operation to respond to this pandemic and crises to come. To ensure this is the case, the federal government must issue guidance classifying construction as a critical infrastructure industry whose workers are essential.

On March 19, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued guidance listing 16 critical infrastructure industries whose workforces should maintain their normal work schedules. Though construction was not explicitly listed, it is crucial to the operation of all 16 industries. In the absence of clear federal guidance, many states and localities have taken a wide variety of unreasonable approaches to addressing the ongoing operation of our industry.

Construction workers’ unique skills are essential now and in the coming weeks to construct, maintain, and repair critical infrastructure, and to build temporary health facilities and retrofit and expand existing ones. Moreover, any responses to other natural disasters that may occur need to be immediate. Mobilizing the men and women of the construction industry will be more expedient if they are already working.

The safety and health of the construction workforce is the industry’s highest priority. That is why construction projects continue to operate now in a safe and effective manner. It continues to closely monitor and provide guidance on all recommended health and safety job site precautions for construction workers so that proper measures are deployed to ensure a safe work environment for those on the job.

Taking action is easy. Simply submit the pre-written message as is to President Trump and your members of Congress or customize them with personal information on how this issue impacts you and your company.

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