AGC Alert: Keep Construction Essential


As COVID-19 cases spike throughout the country and states and localities impose new shutdowns on businesses, it is critical for you to remind your local, state, and federal officials how the construction industry has worked in a safe and essential manner. The message to send them is clear: continue treating the construction industry and the work it performs as essential.

CONSTRUCTION IS ESSENTIAL: Keeping the men and women of the construction industry mobilized throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has proven necessary to meeting the needs of our communities and economy. Construction workers have built, maintained, and repaired critical infrastructure, health facilities, and data centers, among other projects. Moreover, they have responded to immediate recovery needs before and after hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters.

CONSTRUCTION IS SAFE: Not only has the construction industry built to meet the demands of the pandemic, but it has also maintained a careful eye toward the safety of its workforce. The industry closely monitors and provides guidance on all recommended health and safety job site precautions for construction workers so that proper measures are deployed to ensure a safe work environment for those on the job. The industry’s efforts have enabled it to avoid the kind of workplace coronavirus spreads that hobbled many other sectors of the economy.

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